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Host-named Site collection FBA error


Hi there,

Today I deployed the FBA solution to a Host-named site collection. The powershell displayed some messages "solution not installed" then deployed the solution in all my web applications.
After the script finished I went to the site collection and when trying to access the user management, there was an error saying the provider was not been configure. I tested the access using fba and a .net user previously created and It worked, wich means that the membership provider is configured correctly.

I would like to know if the solution Sharepoint 2013 FBA Pack works on Host-named site collections or is there additional steps to make it work on those.

Thank you beforehand for any information
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ccoulson wrote Jun 30, 2016 at 4:07 PM

I haven't tried the FBA Pack with a host named site collection, but I would expect it to work - I can't think of issues with the setup of it that would prevent the FBA Pack from working.

The issue is most likely with your membership provider configuration. You mention that you can login with FBA, so it must be configured correctly. Actually there are a couple of different places the membership provider must be configured, so it's likely that it's setup correctly for login, but there's an issue for the setup within the web application:
Logging in uses the membership provider configuration from the 'securitytokenserviceapplication'.
Once you are logged in, it uses the membership provider configuration from the web application. It could be the web.config membership settings are missing for the web application, or perhaps the web application's application pool runs as a different user than the securitytokenserviceapplication, and the web application app pool user does not have permissions to the membership database.

You might want to double check your setup against my blog post:

chachivo wrote Jul 1, 2016 at 3:41 PM

Hi there,

It worked, the problem was with the account used to run de app pools which didn't have permissions in the membership database has you mentioned.

Thank you!