Erro in italian version

In the italian version there's a mistake in the warning message when the login is not allowed or username and password are not correct. Now is "Acesso al server non consentito. Verificare che none...

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Can't check in page after adding web part

When I add the registration web part to the page I get the error "Error:This page contains content or formatting that is not valid. You can find more information in the affected sections." This...

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Brazilian portuguese (pt-BR) localization

Hi there, Chris, thanks a lot for making this code available. It is a life saver. I have translated the resource files to Brazilian Portuguese for a Project I needed to use them. Hope they are go...

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Anonymous access to Membership request Webpart Page.

Hi All, I have configured FBA Pack in a web application. Everything is working perfectly. but there is one issue i was not able to solve. I have one web application with only FBA authenticatio...

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Membership request error

not able to add new users by membership request web part, getting unexpected error, nothing found in logs also. Although by site settings->fba user management -> new user, i am able to add users

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Display Name issue in FBA

Hello, I have successfully installed FBA Pack in my SharePoint 2013 environment and it's working fine. I have Project Server site also having Project Server security mode.. The issue is, In Share...

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Host-named Site collection FBA error

Hi there, Today I deployed the FBA solution to a Host-named site collection. The powershell displayed some messages "solution not installed" then deployed the solution in all my web applications....

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SSL Certificate cause login self redirection

HELLO! I just installed a SSL cert and can navigate to my site collection perfectly. BUT, when I apply the FBA custom login page on the web app, it keeps redirecting back to the login page: /_log...

Id #47 | Release: None | Updated: Jun 20, 2016 at 3:22 AM by ccoulson | Created: Jun 17, 2016 at 6:15 AM by webcloudsolutions

Can I store Users Per site collection?

Hello, Is there a way to assign/tie users to site collections? or the owner who created the user? I know that the database is shared across site collections but is there a way to not show all th...

Id #46 | Release: None | Updated: May 4, 2016 at 3:06 AM by ccoulson | Created: May 3, 2016 at 4:46 PM by amareshlele

Enforce password change

It would be great if the FBA pack forced the user to change his password after a certain time. This could be done by redirecting the user after the login to the password change page or forwarding t...

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